It was in 1947, just after the great war, that Peter Adolph invented the game Subbuteo for his children. After Peter had his first choice of name for the game “The Hobby”rejected he decided, as a keen ornithologist, to call the game “Subbuteo” after  the Latin   “Falco Subbuteo”,  a
bird known as “The Hobby”. Little would he have expected that several decades later, his game would unleash passions and would create a real sport : Table Football. But it is especially in 1979 that the game Subbuteo experienced a great expansion particularly at European level. Also to coordinate and further promote the international tournament aspects of Subbuteo, the brands owners at the time, Waddingtons, created the International Federation of Associations of Subbuteo chaired by Sir Bobby Charlton.

It is this federation that organized sporting events until the creation of FISTF in 1992. Following the example other sports, table football has found its origins in the very heart of the game Subbuteo. Soccer has its roots in a ball game called «soule» practiced in a schoolyard. Sports Table Football has become... The sport in its current form is recent since it was not until 1992 that a world association, independent of any commercial organisation, has been possible. The game «Subbuteo» is a trademark such as «Monopoly» and as such a sport could not continue to identify with a brand, which explains the decision of the first international leaders who, without denying their original have clarified the situation to the general public.
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